Failed to retrieve pairs from SRM Server

I recently had a strange problem with SRM 6.5 when I tried to open it in the flash or HTML5 client.  Error said, “Failed to retrieve pairs from Site Recovery Manager Server at https://SRMaddress:9086/vcdr/vmoni/sdk. Cannot complete login due to an incorrect user name or password”. No service account passwords were recently changed. The error did not specify what user name failed.


I checked out SRM’s logs, which are located in C:\ProgramData\VMware\VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager\Logs. I found only found one set of errors in the log. The message displayed another administrator, but nothing that SRM should be trying to use. A few messages in it were, “AuthorizeManager::AddCOnnection returned false for user…” and “Failed to login session…Insufficient privileges for user…”.

I could not find any information on any of the errors, except for a VMTM community post that saved me. The answer was so simple that I did not believe it would work until I tried it for myself. Daniel Soltau had a comment to login to vCenter at both sites in separate clients at the same time. It worked! SRM opened fine. I wanted to post this solution in hope that this reaches more people that have this strange SRM problem.


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