VMware Skyline Advisor Pro Technologist Badge

VMware is offering free Skyline training and a Skyline badge. There are training modules and questions after each module. I spent around three hours to get through it all. Score at least 80% on the questions and you will earn the VMware Skyline Advisor Pro badge. The offical article for it called it a certification, but it’s deiniftely a badge. It took 6 days after I completed the course for it to show up on my Credly account. The course showed up on my course transcript summary in Customer Connect Learning. However, the badge did not display there and did not on myTransript at mylearn.vmware.com. All of my other certificates and badges are there.

Should receive a check mark after each module is completed.

The first three modules are unnecessarily repetitive. The last three modules dive into more areas: API, security, and vROps intergration. I got the most out of the vROps intergration module since I did not know this was possible. vROps can display a dashboard with a subset of Skyline data. Though, this module doesn’t go deep enough to be able to implement this intergration and the documentation I found is spotty. I will do a separate article on this topic.

I recommend all VMware users to go through this course. It’s definitely worth the time. I am sure everyone will get something out of it and receive a new, shiny badge.