vExpert 2020 and vSphere 7

I achieved vExpert status for the third year in a row. I am glad my contributions to the community have made a difference to help me reach this achievement. My mission is still the same: write articles that will assist someone that is facing the same issue I had.


VMware announced their next major release of vSphere, which is about 5 years since their last major release. vSphere 7 has a lot of focus on Kubernetes. I honestly think Kubernetes is not yet a good fit for the majority of customers. Embedding Kubernetes in ESXi will be nice for customers to start using it in the future. Perhaps it will even push for quicker adoption. I am more excited to see improvements in some of VMware’s core features, such as vMotion and DRS. 6.7 U3 was a big release for vSAN. Looks like there is soon more to come to vSAN like NFS. Check out VMware’s blog for in-depth details.