VMware Explore US Tips and Info

VMware Explore US is a little over a week away. I am excited to be flying out Sunday the 28th and registration is open on-site from 12p-7p that day. Then the event kicks off the next day. A few more parties have been announced so be sure to check out the party list again. The official event app has been released. Search your phone’s app store for ‘VMware Explore’. The food was not good at previous events and difficult for people with allergies to have a good meal. I found out that this year VMware has worked hard to enhance options for specials meals, which are available at the back of Moscone West, level 1. On top of that, if that isn’t good enough, they have vouchers that can be used at Trader Joe’s, which is a few minutes away from Moscone West. The vouchers can be picked up at the info desk. Last bit of info I have is that the Hands-on Labs Expert-led Workshop is providing computers to use. It’s tiring enough to talk around all day so great that you don’t need to lug around a laptop. See you in San Fran!

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