VMware NSX-T Data Center Security 2022 Exam Preparation and Experience

I passed the VMware NSX-T Data Center 3.1 Security Skills Exam (5V0-41.21) in April and finally writing an article on it. I honestly cannot find what was my score. I don’t think I scored much over 300. Keep in mind this is a skill badge and not a certification. The only requirement for the badge is passing this exam. It is the only exam I have taken in the security track. This exam really does cover a lot of good day to day skills in NSX, such as DFW rules, IDS/IPS, URL analysis, the Intelligence Appliance, etc. It does not cover the plumbing of NSX. The exam guide is a very fair representation of what is on the exam. There isn’t a lot of distinct topics so that means you need to hyperfocus on what is on the guide. I couldn’t find a lot of study material for this exam. The best I found is Daniël Zuthof’s exam guide article. He did an excellent job of going over the exam objectives. I recommend completing the two Hands on Labs below. I had about 6 months of NSX experience going into the exam so some labs helped.

NSX SecOps – Foundation: Self-guided Workshop
NSX SecOps – Advanced